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Prefessor Remember Standing Deli FinalProfessor Remembers Music Memories began the first time he produced ten original songs written by his younger brother Jimmy. Ten years later, the Professor and his brother took over a recording studio in North Carolina mountain country for about a week and recorded twelve new originals.

In late 2023 the Professor wrote twenty-two new songs and worked with composers in Argentina, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, and the USA to complete the final twenty-two songs that make up the forty-four song soundtrack to “Can’t Stop It” episode one in the Jimmy Rogers Chronicles.

“Can’t Stop It” the movie, is based on actual events. Shooting begins in North Carolina in the spring of 2026. If you would like to be considered for one of the fifty roles in the movie, work behind the cameras, or provide a product or service to the production company please tell us here.

Jimmy StandingAs a senior in High School, James Rogers is in a battle to break from his father Red Rogers’ long held belief, “life is a cruel joke, barely worth living”. Red Rogers has felt this way ever since, as a teenager himself he was blamed for the death of his own Father. When bad things happen in life, one either moves closer to God or further away. Sadly, Red went in the wrong direction.

This had a profound impact on the lives of his eight children and especially on the life of Jimmy’s mother, Esther Rogers.

If Jimmy loses this battle, and adopts his Father’s bleak outlook on life he will take his own life and the mystery behind the death of his best friend David Perkins and David’s girlfriend Cathy Carlson will go unsolved. What will Jimmy do?

You’ll have to see the movie.

The story is told in present time by Aaron Rizzer (a/k/a Professor Remember). As the founder of Professor Remembers Roadhouse & Bakery Café calls on North Carolina business associates, he hears Jimmy’s songs on the radio. Listening causes, the Professor to recall events he witnessed when Jimmy joined his cousin David’s band, The Rhythm Kings. The “Kings” practiced and performed at  Professor Remembers Roadhouse & Bakery Café.

Following the opening scene, as the credits roll, we hear Jimmy singing The Saturday & Sunday Blues. One of forty-four original songs punctuating events in this coming of age/murder mystery.

This song was written out of the anguish one feels when he believes he has lost everything.  And that’s exactly how teenager Jimmy Rogers felt when he found his girlfriend Marie Scappelli inMarie Scappelli the arms of another. Jimmy writes several songs from that same wellspring, including “If Tears Were Dollars”, “Outside of Your Love”, “Almost Out of My Mind” and “Deep Down Inside I Cry”.

He witnessed Marie in the arms of another right after hearing of the death of David and Cathy, followed by news that the Langford Factory where Jimmy worked after school had burned to the ground.

Was his father, right? Is “life a cruel joke, barely worth living?

You have to see the movie.

Jimmy is wrestling with life’s paramount decision. Whether to live life with a sense of hope and optimism or to live life void of hope and purpose, one filled with tragedy and despair.

Up to this point Jimmy has tried to walk the line between his mother Esther Rogers’ view and his father Red’s dim outlook on life. Which path will Jimmy choose?

See the movie.

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