Deep Down Inside I Cry


Deep Down Inside I Cry

In the fall of the evening, when you ain’t around, I find myself feeling down, Whoa, whoa, Oooh! I’m crushed and crashed landed. Everything I do for you, what I do for you, whoa, whoa, whoa, oooh! Early in the morning, just about the break of dawn, my love glows like a good song. Oooh, Oooh, ooh! Just about noon time I feel for you, there ain’t nothing I can do, Whoa, whoa, deep in my heart, I cry for you and Darling you let me down, down, down, down.

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We now find James Rogers all alone, in the dark on the bridge staring into the cold, icy water, engulfed by the blues. The song Deep Down Inside I Cry, from Can’t Stop It! – Vol I, plays as Jimmy slowly steps up to the top railing. This song punctuates the hopelessness and despair he is feeling at this low point in his life.


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