Good-Bye Blues


Good-Bye Blues

“I’m going out today to do a random act of kindness. If we don’t change our ways, hate will surely blind us. Let’s go out of our way and put all our troubles behind us. I’m going out today Yea, Yea to do a random act of kindness. Wouldn’t hurt us so bad to think of the ones around us. If we do what’s right and put the Good-bye blues behind us.

“Good-bye blues, good-bye blues, so long blues.”


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In the final scene, The Rhythm Kings meet at Perkins’ Garage. They are heading out on the road to make a name for themselves in the music business. Jimmy is at the wheel of the Red convertible, Speed in the passenger seat. In the back Carlos and Frogman. Hand Jive, Bud and Lenny are in the van. Their departure is interrupted by Professor Remember who has come to wish them well and to give them an introductory letter to a club owner in New York City.

As they make their way over the Langford Memorial Bridge we hear Good-Bye Blues, from Can’t Stop It! – Vol I.